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04.21.17 | 10:26 am

Sam’s Club is your new favorite sommelier

In a move that could make Trader Joe's, Costco, the Italian wine industry, and the entirety of the French population nervous, Sam's Club is entering the wine business. Last year, the big-box store released a $7 white wine that got surprisingly good ratings. That undoubtedly impressed people who care about wine ratings (or made them question the entire system). 

To build on that success, the company is now working on an entire line of high-quality, but super-cheap varietals, according to Delish. In addition to the chardonnay, limited-edition riesling, and red blend that they currently offer under their own Member's Mark label, they are expanding their line of affordable wine to include a Napa Valley Cabernet, a prosecco (sorry, Italy), a champagne (sorry, France), and a bottled sangria (you're good, Spain). While Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck is still the cheapest decent wine around, Sam's Club's bottles are expected to sell in the $8 to $10 range. That means these wines might be good for drinking, but not necessarily for impressing the in-laws. 

[Photo: Sam's Club]