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02.17.17 | 7:23 am

To help people learn sign language, Giphy put together this library of  2,000 GIFs

On Thursday, the GIF provider launched a channel with simple GIFs featuring just hand movements and captions taken from the "Sign with Robert" series, reports Mashable

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10.31.16 | 4:40 pm

Giphy raises an additional $72 million as valuation soars

Many of the short, looping videos in your Twitter feed come from the same source: Giphy Inc., a gif search engine that has doubled in valuation over the last eight months. The New York-based media startup said today that it has raised an additional $72 million in new funding, on top of the $79 million it had raised prior. The cash infusion brings Giphy's valuation to $600 million, up from the $300 million it garnered in February. 

As its loyal users might say: Good job, team. 

10.31.16 | 6:33 am

Giphy offers Vines a new home

Gif library Giphy has created a new way to archive Vine's six-second looping videos. The company released  the tool after Twitter announced Thursday that it will shut down the Vine platform. Although Twitter has promised to leave the site online, Vine users can now transfer their videos to the Giphy site, where they'll be shareable as muted Gifs (and can be viewed as videos with audio from the Gif detail page).