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06.19.17 | 12:48 pm

The world needs this emoji translator more than you realize

[Insert surprise face emoji here] Keith Broni could be the world's first emoji translator. He was hired by the London-based translation company Today Translations to help them translate emoji, which aren't as universal as you might expect. Now he spends his days explaining how the A-okay  hand gesture is considered very offensive in Latin America, the thumbs-up emoji is equivalent to the middle finger in the Middle East, and the happy face means you're done with a conversation in China. He not only has to translate emoji from country to country but from phone to phone, as many emoji look different—and could have different meanings—whether you're on an Apple or an Android phone (no word on those weird Google chat blobs, though). 

Broni seems well qualified for the job. According to Refinery 29, he not only titled his master's dissertation with only emoji, but the paper itself looked at consumer perception of emoji in combination with various brand names. He also organized Europe's first Emoji Spelling Bee, where contestants had to turn phrases into emoji. 

Read the rest of Broni's interview with Refinery 29 while trying to figure out if you can get a job in ASCII art ⨌⨀_⨀⨌.

[Photo: Flickr user go digital

12.13.16 | 11:47 am

Here’s how to get Apple’s new emojis for iOS 10.2

More than 100 new emojis were added as part of Apple's iOS 10.2 update Monday. The additions include everything from a shark, a baguette, and strips of bacon, to a clown, a fencer, and a pregnant woman. There's even a gorilla emoji, which some have interpreted as an homage to the late Harambe. And let's not talk about that one with the Pinocchio nose

You can visit the Apple website here for more information about the new images. To get the full set, you have to download and install the latest update on your iPhone or iPad. Apple has the full instructions here.

11.03.16 | 5:01 pm

Evening intel: flying taxis, Oprah’s video game, and emoji domain names

• Airbus is planning for autonomous electric planes to ferry commuters around cities. The vertical take-off and landing vehicles will be like Uber of the skies.

• Oprah Winfrey has launched her fist mobile video game, called Bold Moves. A mix of Candy Crush and Wheel of Fortune, it's a match-three game based on the nuggets of wisdom Oprah has imparted over the years.

• Google Home, the search giant's competitor to the Amazon Echo AI-powered speaker, debuts Friday, and most reviews are fairly positive, though they note that it still has a way to go.

• The Obama administration announced plans to establish 25,000 miles of electric car charging stations, placed about 50 miles apart, covering 35 U.S. States.

• Trump TV on the horizon? A self-described "up-and-coming" conservative news network has put out a casting call, but Trump has said he is not interested in launching a media empire.

• Time Inc, the world's largest magazine publisher, saw print advertising revenue fall nearly 10%, according to its third-quarter earnings report, and newsstand sales dropped 21%. Subscriptions—both paper and online—are also down. But digital ad revenue is up 63%, mainly thanks to the purchase of Viant, which owns several ad tech and media companies, including Myspace.

• GoDaddy has introduced a service that allows you to register an emoji-based domain name. Browsers automatically convert emoji to ASCII text. They would see the ❤❤❤.com as the less-catchy URL

11.03.16 | 12:49 pm

Now you can turn your favorite emoji into a domain name

Did you know that typing a few heart emojis into your address bar actually goes to a domain name? No? You're not alone.

Last week GoDaddy held an internal hackathon. The winner was a new Emoji Domain Registration search engine, which allows people to both search for and purchase domain names that are made up entirely of emoji. And they work just like any other URL.  The service works best using a mobile browser on your iPhone or Android device, but you can also do it with the emoji toolbar on a Mac (you access that by pressing CTRL + Command + Spacebar).

Curious how it works? The group posted a rundown of how things are handled from a technical side here. You can register your own domain name there through GoDaddy (we have our eyes set on that triple poop emoji option).