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07.17.17 | 10:06 am

Everyone hates chip cards. What if companies could make them less annoying?

Pretty much every country in the world uses chip credit cards to make it easier, faster, safer, and occasionally contactless to get through this capitalist world. But as the technology is integrated into the United States, using a chip card tends to be a hair-pulling experience here, because if you're not waiting what feels like an eternity for your card to process, you're haplessly switching back and forth trying to figure out whether to insert or swipe it. And then there's that beep. Bloomberg today has an interesting look at some companies that are working to make chip cards faster and less aggravating to use—and maybe even finally rid the world of that beep. Check out the full story here while practicing your swipe or insert hand gesture.

[Photo: Flickr user kuhnmi]