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06.19.17 | 4:22 pm

Bernie Sanders just vowed to introduce another single-payer health care bill

"I will be introducing, as I have in the past, a single-payer system and the reasons are pretty obvious," Senator Bernie Sanders said in a Monday Facebook Live appearance with Senator Elizabeth Warren. The purpose of the event was to discuss opposition to the Republican health care proposal. "No. 1: I happen to believe, and you happen to believe, that health care is a right for all people."

Sanders has previously introduced single-payer health care bills in the past, proposing Medicare-style coverage for all. In the video, Warren echoed language from Sanders's 2016 presidential campaign, calling health care "a basic human right."

Warren added, "I agree that now is the time to put on the table the fundamental question: move to single payer?"  

[Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore]

07.26.16 | 11:40 am

Bernie Sanders’s former press secretary tells supporters they weren’t cheated

To many, emails leaked this week from the DNC showing clear bias against Bernie Sanders among party officials only proves what many had suspected for a long time: that the race was rigged from the get-go against the Vermont senator.

But Symone D. Sanders, the campaign's former national press secretary, took to Twitter last night during the Democratic Convention to say, "we lost . . . the system didn't cheat us."

Symone Sanders's point, it seems, wasn't just to scold. Echoing Bernie's DNC speech urging his followers to head to the polls in November to keep Trump out of the White House, the former staffer did her best to channel that frustration into political action. 

Leading an organization through crisis or defeat is a real test of leadership—one that both Sanderses (the candidate and the staffer) showed themselves ready to take on last night.

h/t Mother Jones

06.24.16 | 8:15 am

Sanders says he’s voting for Clinton in November

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who's technically still in the race for the Democratic nomination, has said he intends to vote for presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election, MSNBC reports.

Sanders, speaking on the network's Morning Joe, denied claims that he's contributing to disunity in the party.

06.08.16 | 10:27 am

Sanders may have lost California but he won over Silicon Valley

The Democratic candidate was roundly beaten by Hillary Clinton in last night's primary, only getting 43.1% of the vote, but he won the hearts and minds of tech industry workers. Sanders got campaign contributions from 5,319 supporters in Silicon Valley zip codes, while Clinton got donations from 766 donors and Trump had only seven donors, according to an analysis by CrowdPac. Overall, Sanders raised $6 million from the industry, far outstripping the other candidates.