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06.19.17 | 5:12 pm

Autodesk’s interim CEO gets the big chair for real

These are good times for design software giant Autodesk, one of the most important tech companies that most people have never heard of. In February, despite its stock shooting up 40% over the previous six months, then CEO Carl Bass stepped down, and not to spend more time with his family.

At the time, the company–which makes software like Maya, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and other tools used in just about every industry in the world–named then senior vice president and chief product officer Amar Hanspal and then senior vice president and chief marketing officer Andrew Anagnost as co-CEOs. Today, the San Francisco company–whose stock is up another 25.6% since Bass left–announced that Anagnost has been named permanent CEO. The big question is whether Anagnost will continue the direction the company has taken over the last few years. But as a 20-year Autodesk veteran, odds are that he will. However, intended or not, elevating one of two co-CEOs to the big chair comes at a cost: 30-year company veteran Hanspal has decided to leave, Anagnost said in an open post to employees

02.07.17 | 12:29 pm

With Autodesk flourishing, CEO leaves, but not to spend time with family

Since August 8, software giant Autodesk's stock has shot up 40.9%. Over the last year, that number is 95.8%. So when CEO Carl Bass announced today that he's stepping aside, not "to spend more time with his family," but with his robots, you kind of have to believe him. In his blog post about his departure from the company that produces ubiquitous professional design tools like Auto CAD, 3ds Max, Maya, and many others, he noted that he'd been discussing his departure with Autodesk's board for a couple years. 

For now, the San Francisco-based company will be co-led, by Amar Hanspal, senior vice president and chief product officer and Andrew Anagnost, senior vice president and chief marketing officer. But it has also begun a search for a permanent CEO. In his note, Bass said he'd be "honored" if either Hanspal or Anagnost is the one that wins the big chair. Bass is known for having a Tech Shop-like workshop in Berkeley, California, and he said he's likely to be playing with his robots there. But he also hinted that he has other plans in the works that he'd be revealing before too long.