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07.17.17 | 10:32 am

Atari’s retro game console has one major difference from the NES Classic

Nintendo isn't the only game company looking to mine your childhood memories for profit. Atari—or rather the French holding company that owns the Atari brand—is now building its own retro console called the Ataribox. While it's still in early development, the plan is to offer a mix of classic games and "current content," with hardware that resembles the old Atari 2600, the Verge reports.

But unlike Nintendo's short-lived NES Classic, the Ataribox may be able to download more games from the internet, as indicated by console's Ethernet port and microSD card slot. Atari, then, has an opportunity to create a platform around its stable of retro games, instead of just a one-off dose of nostalgia. We'll see whether that actually happens as more Ataribox details materialize.

[Photo: via The Verge]

03.24.17 | 7:35 am

This is the world’s earliest known video game Easter egg

The Easter egg can be found in the 1977 game Starship 1 and was uncovered by ex-Microsoft exec Ed Fries, who played a big role in creating the original Xbox. Fries details his journey in discovering the earliest video game Easter egg in an amusing blog post. Using a special sequence of input commands, the Easter egg makes the phrase "Hi Ron!" appear on-screen. The message is a reference to Atari game programmer Ron Milner, who coded Starship 1.