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07.17.17 | 5:52 am

Ashley Madison will offer $11.2 million to settle lawsuit from users whose personal details were exposed

The site that facilitates adultery was hacked in 2015, leading to the personal details of 37 million users being leaked online. Now Ashley Madison's parent company has agreed to settle the class action lawsuit brought against them by some users, reports CNBC. In total, the company is reserving $11.2 million for the settlement, though up to one-third of that could go toward paying legal fees. Users whose personal details were breached will each be rewarded up to $3,500 depending on "how well they can document their losses attributable to the breach."

07.05.16 | 5:54 am

The parent company of infidelity site Ashley Madison is under investigation by the FTC

The FTC probe was confirmed by the new CEO and president of Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison, reports Reuters. The infidelity website was famously hacked in July 2015, revealing not only the names of millions of its customers seeking to have affairs, but also revealing that 99% of the women on the website were fake and many times men who thought they were speaking to women were actually talking to chatbots. The two new executives were hired in April 2016 to get the company back on track; they have since apologized for the hack and acknowledged the FTC investigation. The pair also revealed that Ashley Madison's current male-to-female user ratio is five to one.

[Image: Ashley Madison/Avid Life Media]