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04.25.17 | 5:38 am

Apple just delayed “Carpool Karaoke,” its first original television series

The series was to air on Apple Music this April, but the debut has been pushed back to "later this year," reports Reuters. No explanation has been given for the delay. The show is based on the "Carpool Karaoke" segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden and will comprise of 16 30-minute episodes when it finally does debut.

04.20.17 | 12:49 pm

The good old days of iPhone 6 sales are coming back, predicts Morgan Stanley analyst

Don't believe all those nattering nabobs of negativity about Apple's future, says Katy Huberty. Ahead of Apple's earnings coming up on May 2, the influential analyst is feeling increasingly good about iPhone sales, and believes that Apple's most expensive phone, the iPhone 7 Plus (the one with the dual cameras), is selling at a higher proportion of total iPhone sales. And that, she believes, is shown in the average selling price for an iPhone, for which she has raised her estimate to $753 from $715. Consensus among other Apple analysts is $675.

Huberty is also feeling much better about the availability of the super-bright OLED displays that will go in Apple's next high-end phone, to be announced this fall. The upshot is that Huberty has raised her stock-price-to-earnings ratio on Apple to 14X for 2018, the highest and most bullish estimate since the heyday of Apple's last mega-hit, the iPhone 6. Huberty believes Apple will sell between 260 million to 264 million iPhones next year.

Huberty's projections are somewhat surprising given the headwinds facing Apple's new phones, likely announced this spring. Global smartphone sales are on a downward curve, component suppliers are pumping out less product, and the iPhone faces arguably greater pressure than ever from Samsung's top end phones. On the other hand, the hype cycle around the "iPhone 8" seems more overheated than ever.

04.20.17 | 6:50 am

Apple plans to stop using mined minerals to make iPhones

In its newly released 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report, the Cupertino company says its goal is to "stop mining the earth altogether" for rare minerals and metals used to make its devices. Of course, that's the goal—they just haven't figured out how to do it yet, as Apple's VP of environment, policy, and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, told Vice:

"We're actually doing something we rarely do, which is announce a goal before we've completely figured out how to do it. So we're a little nervous, but we also think it's really important, because as a sector we believe it's where technology should be going."

04.17.17 | 6:42 am

Could this be what the iPhone 8 looks like?

A new alleged drawing of the iPhone 8 has appeared on Weibo by serial leaker KK, reports MacRumors. If the drawing is accurate, the iPhone 8 will have a 2.5D curved display that measures 5.768 inches on the diagonal, and no forehead or chin bumpers at the top and bottom. The bezel of the iPhone 8 will also only be 4mm thick, according to the drawing. Despite the larger display the drawing says the iPhone 8 will be just a fraction of a millimeter shorter and less wide than the iPhone 7.

04.17.17 | 6:10 am

Woz: Apple, Google, and Facebook will still be around in 2075

Making predictions for the year 2075 ahead of his Silicon Valley Comic Con, which begins on Friday, the Apple cofounder told USA Today:

"Apple will be around a long time, like IBM (which was founded in 1911). Look at Apple's cash ($246.1 billion, as of the end of its last fiscal quarter). It can invest in anything. It would be ridiculous to not expect them to be around (in 2075). The same goes for Google and Facebook."

04.13.17 | 6:00 am

Apple wants to make it easier for diabetics to track their blood sugar

The company reportedly has a secret team of biomedical engineers that are developing optical blood glucose sensors so diabetics would no longer have to prick their skin to draw blood to measure their glucose levels, reports CNBC. Apparently, Apple is far enough along in development that it is beginning feasibility trials at clinical sites across the Bay Area—and success would be a game changer for both diabetics and the Apple Watch:

One of the people said that Apple is developing optical sensors, which involves shining a light through the skin to measure indications of glucose. Accurately detecting glucose levels has been such a challenge that one of the top experts in the space, John L. Smith, described it as "the most difficult technical challenge I have encountered in my career." The space is littered with failures, as Smith points out, but that hasn't stopped companies from continuing to attempt to crack this elusive opportunity . . . 

The breakthrough would be a boon for millions of people with diabetes, spur new medical research, and open up a potential market for consumers to track their blood sugar for health and wellness insights. It could turn the Apple Watch into a "must have" rather than a "nice to have" for people who would benefit from an easier way to track their blood sugar. 

Image: Apple

04.12.17 | 2:31 pm

NBA art, iPad style

Robert Generette III is an iPad artist who goes by the Nom de Pencil of Rob Zilla. He's also a sports fan, and Apple is calling attention to the fact that both the Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards have embraced his digital drawings of their real-world basketball players.

A painting app called Procreate is the favorite tool of many serious iPad artists. But Rob Zilla works in Adobe Illustrator Draw—the iPad version of Illustrator, a desktop app so venerable it predates even Photoshop. That means that his work can be scaled up without losing resolution, a benefit that might come in handy if it's being displayed on a giant screen in a sports arena.

04.11.17 | 6:15 am

Qualcomm says it’s basically responsible for Apple’s success

Earlier this year, Apple sued the chipmaker over alleged unpaid royalty rebates and anticompetitive practices, reports MacRumors. But Qualcomm was having none of that. Not only did the company announce yesterday that it's countersuing Apple for failing to engage in good faith negotiations for its 3G and 4G patents, it asserts that Apple's success in the last 10 years and its transformation into the world's most valuable public company couldn't have happened without Qualcomm. As Don Rosenberg, executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm, said in a statement:

"Over the last 10 years, Apple has played a significant role in bringing the benefits of mobile technology to consumers with its popular products and services. But Apple could not have built the incredible iPhone franchise that has made it the most profitable company in the world, capturing over 90% of smartphone profits, without relying upon Qualcomm's fundamental cellular technologies. Now, after a decade of historic growth, Apple refuses to acknowledge the well established and continuing value of those technologies. It has launched a global attack on Qualcomm and is attempting to use its enormous market power to coerce unfair and unreasonable license terms from Qualcomm. We intend to vigorously defend our business model, and pursue our right to protect and receive fair value for our technological contributions to the industry."

04.11.17 | 6:05 am

Swatch’s “Tick Different” marketing campaign ticked Apple off

So Apple decided to sue, reports MacRumors. In its complaint to a Swiss court, the Apple Watch maker said Swatch's "Tick Different" campaign was unfairly referencing Apple's popular "Think Different" campaign from the 1990s.

Image: Swatch

04.03.17 | 6:33 am

Future iPhones will have Apple-developed graphics chips

The British firm Imagination Technologies has posted a statement on its website saying it will cease to supply Apple with its graphics technology that the company currently uses in iPhone and iPads within the next two years. Imagination Technologies says Apple made the decision to cease its contracts with the company because the iPhone maker is developing its own graphics processing chips. Shares of Imagination Technologies have tanked 70% today after the news was released. More than half of Imagination Technologies revenues come from its Apple deals. Last year Apple considered buying the company, but later chose not to. 

Image: Imagination Technologies

03.31.17 | 6:17 am

Apple just hired a former YouTube exec to help fix its video content strategy

The company has hired former YouTube and Spotify executive Shiva Rajaraman to "strengthen its position in video" against rivals like Netflix and Amazon, the Information reports. The site also says that there is still disagreements inside Apple over the company's long-term direction in video content:

Executives have debated how to go forward in video. One idea that has been discussed is to bundle its music, news, and book offerings with new video and cable services that could be activated via the iPhone and work on internet-connected TVs.

03.31.17 | 5:46 am

Employees will begin moving into Apple’s spaceship campus in April

The "spaceship" is now officially called "Apple Park," reports Curbed.